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Oink! (2008)

Variations on Old McDonald's Farm for concert band
I. Introduction
II. Farmer MacDonald Dreams Under a Starry Sky
III. Midnight Ride
IV. Cow Mourns Her Friend
V. March of the Barnyard
VI. On the Prairie, Hoedown and Finale
Duration: 12-13 minutes
Program Notes

Oink is a set of variations on the well-known tune "Old McDonald's Farm". The movements are very different from each other and all reflect something about farm life. As you might expect, the piece contains a great deal of frivolity, but it has its serious moments as well. After all, farm life is not always a bowl of cherries (or even apples).


The opening is simply a boisterous introduction. The 2nd movement, for percussion only, is very ethereal. It depicts farmer McDonald sitting on his rocking chair one night, looking up at the stars, dreaming.The 3rd movement depicts farmer McDonald taking his child on an emergency midnight ride . The 4th movement is about the cow mourning the loss of her friend. The 5th movement is entitled "March Of The Barnyard" and requires the players to make virtuoso animal sounds (hence, the title). Last, but not least, the 6th movement envisions farmer McDonald's past, where he traversed the plains in a covered wagon and, stopping for a brief respite, engaged with his entire crew in a good, old-fashioned barn dance!

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